Welcome to MVMGT Reflective Guardrail Bolts, LLC

Welcome to MVMGT Reflective Guardrail Bolts, LLC

What We Do...

MVMGT Reflective Guardrail Bolts, LLC is a subsidiary of MVM Green Technologies, Inc. Our main focus is the production of reflective guardrail bolts to help improve highway safety in adverse driving conditions, such as heavy rain, snow, fog, fatigue, poor eyesight, and general darkness of night.

Our Basic Concept is Simple:

U.S. highway marking standards are relatively straight forward...

the white line is on your right and  the yellow line is on your left. 

Our reflective guardrail bolts have a two-part design.

On Interstate or divided highways, our reflective guardrail bolts on right-side guardrails reflect white while those on the left reflect yellow. The far side of each bolt reflects red so drivers will see red dots to alert them they are going the wrong way. 

This is the same principle as the reflectors embedded in the center line. However, in adverse driving conditions such as heavy snowfall, center line reflectors may be covered and not visible. Our reflective guardrail bolts give an added level of visibility.

On two-lane highways, drivers see white reflectors on right-side guardrails and yellow on the left, whichever direction they are travelling. 

Our reflective guardrail bolts give drivers an additional level of guidance in adverse driving conditions. Having these reflective bolts actually on the guardrail gives drivers an additional guide when the painted road lines are obscured by rain, snow or wear, or when center-line reflectors are covered, damaged or non-existent. 

Unlike other reflectors attached to guardrails that get broken off, our reflective-head guardrail bolts are actually the bolt, making them low profile and more immune to damage from maintenance crews, wind-blown debris, or vehicles sideswiping guardrails.

Everyone wins with MVMGT Reflective Guardrail Bolts. Drivers are safer. The Department of Highways saves money by reduced damage to guardrails. Insurance companies will have fewer accident claims. Police, Fire and Rescue crews will be called out less often for accidents.

Our reflective guardrail bolts are not intended to be a traffic control device or protocol. Our goal at MVMGT Reflective Guardrail Bolts, LLC is solely to improve highway safety 

and save lives.

We want to express our sincere thanks to Concord University for all their help and allowing us to set up our display guardrail on campus.

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